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05/07/10 07:14 PM #34    

Chuck Briggeman

hey all loved the last get together

06/28/10 09:03 PM #35    


Randall Green (Green)

Hello to All,

I enjoy visiting this website so I can travel back in time to 1969.  It's fun to read about how life is treating us how we manage to beat back father time. 

Hope to hear more from you.  I too will try to get back here often.

Best to all.


02/19/11 10:08 AM #36    


Bill Ward

Stephanie this is such a great site. I will try to use it more. As I read these posts of all of you  who grew up from grade school together I realize I was not as close to all of you when I was attending Roxana because I moved there my freshman year. But I made many friendships that I want to keep. I made it to the 10th reunion but haven't been back since. Guess I want to remember you all young. High School was a blast for me and I'll never forget my time at Roxana High. Please keep this site going!

Bill Ward

03/12/11 11:39 AM #37    

Chuck Briggeman

love this web site

04/15/11 05:49 PM #38    


Jim Caldwell

Hey everyone ... I love this website .. Stephanie .. Thanks .. :) As always .. love ya .. :) There are so many things I've missed, and finally, here I can catch up ... I'm hoping that for the next reunion, I will be there.  If God wills it, I WILL be there.


06/25/12 06:36 PM #39    


Carol Steed (Davis)

Hi everyone this is Carol Steed Davis. I really feel bad that I have missed reunions. I would love to see all of you and catch up

01/18/14 12:14 PM #40    

Lisa Runge (Johnson)

Sorry I missed it all.  Any one ever come to the RED RIVER GORGE KY please call me.

606 668-3681    LISA J RUNGE

06/03/14 12:15 PM #41    


Vicky Wells (Sellars (Georgewitz))

I have my bags packed and travel arrangements from Seattle to St. Louis and am ready to party with old friends from RSHS! I am so excited to spend my BD at the 45th reunion!

See you all in July!

Vicky Sellars ( Wells)

06/04/14 11:59 AM #42    


Marcia Cech

Hello eveyone!


Sorry I will miss this reunion, I will stay put in Gold Canyon, AZ for the birth of my 3rd (most likely last) grand daughter in July.  I have already named her Alice Mae Bea, but I'm sure my son, Jeremiah and daughter in law Heidi will pick something different...Jeremiah never seemed to appreciate his birth name of Jeremiah Julibee...but that is how some of us did it in the 60's...and 70's, yes?  Or am I the only one in this group that followed that freakish trend?  

It is 110 degree here...yes, in the shade...I envy your cooler weather.  Have a lovely get together.  I will lift a glass to you in union!

06/04/14 09:21 PM #43    


Stephanie Clark (Graham)

It's a shame you'll miss it, but understand the birth of a grandchild is more important.  Maybe we'll see you at the 50th!?  ha....  That is if we are alive by then!  ha.....  You'll be missed.  Know several people have been asking about you and were excited they found you on facebook.  Take care and keep in touch.  Post photos of that new grandbaby!  wink

06/06/14 06:31 AM #44    

David Curry

I am so sorry to miss the reunion !  We are in the middle of a move to Florida and closing down my business.  I hope everyone has a great time and I am there in spirit.

Thank you Reunion Commitee for putting it all together.  I will be anxiou to see the pictures !


06/07/14 08:18 PM #45    

Steve Ogle

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that we will be missing the this great anniversary, I am still in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will not get back in time. Hope the celebration goes well.


06/17/14 08:04 PM #46    


Sharon Young

Thank you to all who have planned this 45th Reunion. I will not be attending, however, I am  sending positive thoughts that everyone who attends will have a wonderful time. 

06/19/14 03:31 PM #47    

Nancy Nelson (Trask)

Come on classmates a lot of work has been put into this by the committee! Take a second and clear your calendar and support this group! Call or email this group and come out to your class reunion! In 5 years we might not be here! Thanks!!!!$

06/19/14 08:47 PM #48    

Kevin Pitt

 Congratulations to all for reaching our 45th class reunion celebration and God Bless those who left us much too early.  I am sorry to say that I will not be able to make the trip back home in time to attend the reunion.  I will not be able to travel home until two weeks after the reunion.  I hope you all have a great time.  Perhaps we can get together for dinner or a drink when I get home the last week of July, for any interested give me a call on my cell 813-508-2008 or email.  Please take alot of pictures I look forward to viewing them.

07/22/14 06:04 AM #49    

Kevin Pitt

Great pictures, good to see all of you having fun.  Sorry I missed it but you all carried on in the old 69 tradition and had a good party.  Maybe next time love to all live it up you all looked great.

07/23/14 01:53 PM #50    


Charlene Rose (Stauder)

Hey y'all !! Had one heck of a great time at the reunion this past weekend. The committee did a fantabulous job, the dj was fun, played fun, (our era) music, and the meal was great. Thank you committee members for a job well done, and great memories made! Most sincerely, Charlene (Rose) Stauder

07/23/14 11:37 PM #51    


Vicky Wells (Sellars (Georgewitz))

The 45th Class reunion was fantastic!  Thank you Stephanie and team for all of your hard work, it made for a great party!

It was so nice to connect with old classmates after so very long,  Everyone welcomed me like I had never left and I was so surprised how many people remembered me.  A great time and I hope to see you all in 5 years!

Thanks again for a great time!


07/24/14 09:53 AM #52    


Dennis Major (Major)

Thanks again to Stephanie and the committee for an outstanding 45th Reunion. The location was perfect, the food was delicious and the dj did a great job. The time flew by and before I knew it, it was over......see ya at the 50th! adios

07/25/14 12:10 PM #53    


Gary Champa

Thanks to all who made the 45th reunion a fun experience.  And thanks to Stephanie for keeping the website aup and running for all of us to enjoy.


07/25/14 01:22 PM #54    


Candy Crosnoe (Mark)

The 45th reunion was huge fun!  They seem to get better every time.  Thanks to the committee for many hours of planning and caring about making it so special for us. Most of the attendance prizes were donated by the Grahams.  My hope is that everyone can make it in 2019 and that we have even more fun!

07/28/14 09:39 AM #55    


Tom Pelot

Thank you to all who participated in making the 45th a success. Thanks Stephanie for your above and beyond planning & maintaining the webpage. Sorry I did not say 'bye' before I left, but all were busy, singing, dancing , and generally having a good time. It was great to see classmates - been a long time - but who's counting. Hope to be able to help with the 50th... Candy, I am working on emptying that bottle.

Thanks again & hope to see you soon.

Tom Pelot


07/28/14 01:56 PM #56    


Jane Fearno (Biggerstaff)

Looks like a great time!  Sorry I missed it.

Please note I have a new email address:



07/29/14 09:55 AM #57    


Candy Crosnoe (Mark)

Tom, don't kill your liver - I'm in no big hurry!  cheeky The bottle will be placed in the midst of my Elvis shrine which is taking over the family room!  My email is in case you need to communicate!  Say hi to your lovely wife!

07/30/14 08:47 AM #58    


Stephanie Clark (Graham)

Thanks for all the  "thank yous", but Sharon Long Morehead, and Janice Sethlar Brown busted their butts too.  Couldn't have done it without their help!  Lee and Bob helped on many of the duties also.  It was a TEAM effort.  We're all happy you that those of you who were able to attend had a great time!  That was the goal.  It was fun planning it all. 

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