30th Reunion Photos

Mixer at Porky's - 7/16/99



Nancy Nelson, Mark Murray, Linda Schneider Murray



 David Stuart and Riley (Lee) Peach


David Lovell


Dorothy Griggs, Gary Shepherd


David Lovell


Stacey -- Our Barmaid


 Ed Unsell and Bob Graham


Jane Fearno


The Band


Debbie Cherry and Randy Butler


 Pam McClintock, Marti Pickering and Mike Potter


Janet Shoecraft, Jane Fearno and Lynn Metz


Mike Potter


Pam McClintock and Linda Schneider


Pam McClintock and Marti Pickering


Debi Bollman, Marti Pickering and Bill House


Debi Bollman and Bill House


Mike Potter and David Lovell


Debbie Cherry


Kevin Major and girlfriend (Dennis Major & Marti Pickering's son)


 Rick & Shirley Lankford


Jane Fearno and Nancy Nelson


Carlin Baker, Gary Shepherd


 Sharon Long and Jan East


Jim Borchers and Jane Fearno


Bob Graham and Janet Shewcraft



 David Lovell and Carlin Baker


 Mike and Debi (Bollman) Studebaker


 Dorothy Griggs


 Mike Potter and Rodney Taylor


 Bob Graham, Lynn Metz and John Harvey



Bob Graham, Candy Crosnoe Mark and husband Wayne Mark


Linda Dungy


Janet Shewcraft, Jane Fearno, Debi Bollman, Jan East


 Janet Shewcraft, Jane Fearno, Debi Bollman, Stephanie Clark, Jan East


 Jane Fearno, Debi Bollman, Vickie Thompson


 Skip Murray and David Stuart


 Mike Funk, Linda Dungy Funk, Bob Graham, Sharon Long Morehead, Jim Morehead


 Pam Dively


 Linda Dungy and Rick Eggebrecht


 Marti Pickering, Mike Potter, Kevin Major (Marti & Dennis' Son)


 Nancy Nelson, Jim Durham, Vickie Caldwell


 Stephanie Graham, Jane Fearno, Karen Kissack


Mary Sunderland


 Stephanie Graham, Debbie Cherry, Sharon Christian


 Candy Crosnoe, Skip Murray


Jim Durham and Jane Fearno


 Rick & Shirley Lankford


 Sheri Appleby, Linda Schneider Murray, Mark Murray



 Bill Hubbard, Rick Lankford


 Randy and Mindy McClain


 Kathy and Terry Guebert


 Dorothy Griggs and Carlin Baker


Mike and Debi Bollman Studebaker


Ralph and Sharon Bush Reichert


Roberta Parks, Vickie Caldwell, Mike Potter


Claudia Laws, Charlene Rose


Randy Butler, David and Debbie Lovell


Sharon Christian and Debbie Cherry


John Harvey, Jim Durham


David McKee, Karen Kissack Roberts, Randy Roberts


???, Rosemary Marmino, Karen York


Janet Shewcraft, Lynn Metz, Larry Johnson, Jane Fearno


Kert and Janet Tennikait


Candy Crosnoe and David McKee


 Mrs. and Mr. Mo Tschannen, Mrs. Joy Kissack


Bob Graham, Mo Tschannen, Lee Metz 


Joy and Bob Kissack