45th Reunion Photos

I'm still adding photos!!!!!!

Mixer at Donzo's


Debbie Cherry


Barb Milazzo and Lee Metz


Jim Borchers and Brad Exton


Dennis Major and Candy Crosnoe


Jim Jones, Jim Borchers, Brad Exton


Stephanie Hubbard (Bill Hubbard's wife) John Campbell, Robyn Keith


Janice Sethlar Brown, Bruce Brown, Ed Unsell


Candy Crosnoe Mark, Lee Metz


Friend of Vickie's and Vickie Wells


Mary Sunderland Wallendorf and Danny Dona (Class of '68)


Brad Exton and Janice Clarkson


Sharon Christian Mize, Debbie Cherry, Stephanie Clark Graham


Dennis Major, Candy Crosnoe Mark


Ed Unsell


Dwight McGrew, Diana Harvell McGrew

Debbie Cherry, Colby, Christie Lowe, Sharon & John Campbell


Debbie Cherry, Christie Lowe


Jim Borchers, Bonnie & Brad Exton, Dennis Major


Bruce & Janice Sethlar Brown


Sharon Long Morehead, Nancy Smith Dona, Diana Harvell McGrew, Dwight McGrew


Sharon & John Campbell


Vickie Wells, Linda Schneider, Joyce Owens


Lynn Metz, Lee Metz


Our DJ's -- Amanda and Shaun Copeland


Bob Graham, Dwight McGrew


Sharon Long Morehead, Linda Dungy Funk, Janice Sethlar Brown


Linda Dungy Funk, Mike Funk


Janice Clarkson, Linda Dungy Funk


Debbie Bohnenstiel

Robyn Keith & Peggy Cole


Terry Ontis & Rhonda Hopper

Barb Millazo, Danny Dona


Don Chatham


Linda McEwen (Class of '70)


Sharon Long Morehead


Jim Castelli and Peggy Cole Castelli


Claudia Laws, Charlene Rose


Judy Thompson Harper, Mary Sunderland Wallendorf




Bob Graham, Stephanie Clark Graham


Wayne Mark, Candy Crosnoe Mark


Joyce Owens Fortin



Mary Sunderland Wallendorf


Don Trask, Nancy Nelson Trask


Judy Thompson Harper, Brant Harper


Lee Metz, Nancy Ferguson


Dennis Major


Janice Sethlar Brown, Bruce Brown (being goofy)


Janice Sethlar Brown, Bruce Brown


Peggy Cole Castelli, Jim Castelli


Chuck Williams


Debbie Cherry


Debbie Cherry


Jim Jones


Deanne Potter, Mike Potter


Lynn Metz


Claudia Laws Cullen


Sharon Christian Mize, Kevin Mize


Sharon Christian Mize, Kevin Mize


Lannie and Gary Champa


Christie Lowe


Charlene Rose Stauder



Mike Studebaker, Debbie Studebaker


David and Debbie Lovell    (Surprise!)


David and Debbie Lovell


Linda Williams


Sharon Long Morehead


Stephanie Clark Graham -- This is what happens when you eat the dark blue icing on the cake!



Stephanie Clark Graham and Donna (friend who works at Holiday Inn)


Steve Adams and his wife


Linda Schneider Murray, Mark Murray


Paul Stephens and His Wife ?


David McKee


Nancy Nelson Trask, Lynn Metz, Nancy Ferguson


Nancy Nelson Trask, Lynn Metz


Nancy Ferguson, Lee Metz


Jim Jones, Steve Adams, Gary Champa, Mike Potter


Don Chatham


Janice Sethalar Brown


Bob Graham, Bruce Brown


Chuck Williams, Linda Schneider, Vickie Wells


Judy Thompson Harper & Brant Harper, Mary Sunderland Wallendorf


Linda Wlilliams, Charlene Rose


Our DJ's -- "Downright DJ's" -- Shaun Copeland, Ray Ervin, Amanda Copeland


Janice Clarkson




Our Special Guest -- "Colby"    Debbie Cherry's hearing dog


Linda Dungy Funk, Mike Funk


Auction Items

Auction Items


Door Prizes


Door Prizes


Shirley and Rick Lankford


Robyn Keith



Brad and Bonnie Exton


Jim and Lisa Borchers



John and Sharon Campbell


Sheri Williams Williams


Barbara Boyer Ploch


Rhonda Hopper


 Leatha Bail Newberry


Stephanie & Stephen (can you say "selfie"?)


Ted & Cathy Collins



Paul and Marcia Shetley


Kathy Jones Kelllim


Norman & Debbie Bohnenstiehl


Bob Graham




Bill Hubbards's wife and daughter (he's in the hospital)


Ray Ervin





Dennis Major with Christie Lowe's daughter





Dennis Major - "Ring of Fire"


Candy Crosnoe Mark - "Crazy"


David McKee - "You Were Always On My Mind"



Brad and Bonnie Exton - " Amarillo By Morning"


Dennis Major and Mike Potter on Harmonica



John Campbell - "Falling In Love With You"